Flawed Selfie (kinda)

Last week I posted this photo on Facebook and said

I am fascinated with how other people see me. I don’t even like this photo of myself, I see so many flaws. In these times of selfies and digital photography you can create a facade, a moment rather than be with the moment. Yesterday was the first time in 2 months I saw my sister and she takes this photo of me. This is how she sees me. It’s those moments of vulnerability that allow for belonging and connection.

I believe we are at times our own worst critics. Forever seeing flaws and faults in ourselves and others, where these are the places that make each one of us unique and special. My sister took this photo of me, I don't feel the most flattering photo of me. But I decided to post it on my photography page cause it's me. 

And my sister said "Focused, persistent, driven, searching, learning. This IS how I see you.  And interestingly brave to post that even if you don't like it."

I feel like this is one of the most honest photos of me. In deep thought, trying to figure out how to better the world, or maybe in that moment savor the time with my sister.

Then I started writing more and this poem spilled out. 

Why is it we look for that perfect selfie to post,
But not the perfect
Raw honest photo of
of You
of Me
We share all kinds of meaningless shit
In the “social” world
We desire
To be
To matter
And yet we hide
We show only what we think others
“Love” with
hearts and smiley faces
We don’t share the real
The honest
And yet
That’s what we crave from each other
From the world
Something that is
rough around the edges