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Chris Riley Photo Credit Noell Adams

Chris Riley Photo Credit Noell Adams

I was born in Detroit, one of the grittiest cities in the US, the birthplace of Motown, automobile manufacturing, resiliency and creative innovation.

My parents taught me the importance of love, family, dedication, commitment and connection. They also taught me there is strength in vulnerability, and being different and unique are actually good things.

Growing up, my dad and sister were shutterbugs and my sister had a darkroom in the basement. Early on, I shot black & whites with a 35mm and fell in love with contrast, shadows and light refraction. Today I use my iPhone and Canon 60D. Many of my photos are untouched. Some I use filters for effect. Others I adjust slightly for contrast and colors to pop.

Writing started early for me – almost from the moment I began reading. I grew up with my dad making up bedtime stories and my mom reading me stories she loved. My dad wrote poetry and shared his poems with us often. One of my most treasured possessions is a recording of my dad reading his poetry.

I love travel, my friends, my cats and a really good espresso, good music and a good book – not necessarily in that order.

I recently moved from the San Francisco Bay area back to Michigan to document the rebirth of Detroit. I have the pleasure of living across the street from Lake St. Clair. I can be found spending quality time with who and what I love and friends, traveling and running and hiking the trails of Michigan.



Love manifests itself in creation. Creation of life, relationship, experience.

I believe we come into this world creating.

My photography and writing are expressions of love and my desire to experience and reveal love at its core.

I’m fascinated by light, edges, curves, darkness, shadows. Photography sharpens my own lens to the beauty in front of me. I seek to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. My earliest memories are of light and colors, how light bends, how I see reflections everywhere. My photography captures what I see – beauty in everything.

My photography reveals a piece of me and how I see the world.

Writing sharpens and focuses my thinking. My verbal speech is verbose, my writing style blunt. Brevity is my watchword.

My love affair with poetry began somewhere in my early teens. I read Dylan Thomas, TS Elliott, ee cummings, Walt Whitman, Adrienne Rich, Emily Dickinson. I listened to the poetry weavings of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Carole King.

I love words – how they sound, connecting words in phrases to transport one inside a feeling, a knowing, an understanding of thought. I find connection in poetry, story, verse. For me, cadence, rhythm, alliteration are my punctuation.

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