Death Sentence

I have a death sentence
it’s called life.
from the moment of my birth, I’ve been hurling
I do not know the exact day
precise hour
but it’s impending.
The question is and lies
How do I live today.
or do I die
a million deaths each day
dying by
not telling that girl I think she has the most stunning eyes
dying by
again staying in a job that bores me to death
dying by
not traveling to the Grand Canyon
dying by
not telling you
I love you every moment of every day
dying by not letting you
hold me in my deepest moments of grief
for fear of my unending tears
I live
I look at the girl and say you have the most stunning eyes
I hand in my 2 week notice and pick up my pen and write
I drive to the Grand Canyon and hike its majestic rim
I rise first, make coffee and wake you with kisses
I open my heart, one tiny vessel to start
My death sentence is life

Chris Riley