Coming into oneself
is it a re-invention
or a revealing?
Perhaps I’ve allowed
others expections of me,
society’s thrust upon
demands of me,
define me.
I have picked up the
clothes of expectation,
the coats and shelters
of those demands,
until I was buried
under a massive
heap of
self loathing
until I couldn’t find
myself under the
mass of warm layers
of expectations & demands
That warmth
suffocated me
sucked out all the
the oxygen
For me
to breathe,
to live,
over time
I’ve cast aside
the coats,
stepped outside
the shelters
& slowly,
one by one
removed the
of expectation,
the cloak
of shame
the cardigan of guilt,
regret’s scarf
Now as I approach
my 5th decade
on this soil
I reveal myself
to myself
reflecting life’s beauty
the expression of truth

Chris Riley