That Moment

That moment
I wanted to last forever
The hint of green
in your eyes sparkled
when you handed
me that perfect
red rose –
plucked from your
Before the flower
withered away
I pressed it in my
handed down, worn
family bible. It’s
spine wrinkled,
pages brown & weathered.
That was some
years ago.
You were gone
weeks after
our night of exchanged love.
somehow I pushed
you away.
you’ve stayed in my
over the years.
Love doesn’t
Die, nor
It changes form
And maybe even direction,
But lives forever.
Our bodies may move
from town to town
and change shape & age.
Love – it stays.
That rose you gave
Me years ago?
It is still in my family bible
Amidst the weathered and worn
Knowing love will come again.

Chris RileyLove, poetry, rose