Ready is a Lie

Ready is a
when are
we ever
really ready
For life
for love
for the thing
that moves and shakes
our center
are we ever
really ready
for heartbreak
being fired
from that dream job
are we ever
for the sudden
of someone
who was
the rock
that which made
sense of a
nonsensical world?
these things we
are never ready for
and our lives
are changed
what makes
us think we need
to feel ready
to move cross country
for love
for work
just because
our heart says so?
Why must we feel
to take that leap to
start that business
say I love you and without you
life has less meaning
express the deepest parts of our hearts
with those we trust the most
Ready is the lie
we tell ourselves
to stay small
locked away
Fuck ready’s lie
I am ready to
eradicate the lie
and begin
truth telling
aiming first
taking fire and
let readiness bring up the rear.